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Learn how to make money on Autopilot with Forex Trading Robots...

Forex is quickly becoming a work-from-home phenomenon. With it's huge increase in popularity, the technology behind Forex Robots has reached a whole new level. Anyone with high speed Internet and a good Forex Robot could be driving that new Porsche in no time, and making money on auto pilot while living the lifestyle the want!

At FOREX Robots Exposed, we are dedicated to finding the best Forex Robots and sharing our findings with you. The technology behind these auto-trading machines is ever-changing, and with that, you need to keep up with the latest changes. Keeping the most current trading robot in your arsenal will ensure that you keep those profits rolling, and that you have the freedom (and money) you desire!

Here are the top picks for March 2010. Be sure to bookmark our site so you can stay on top of the latest changes and keep the profits rolling in!

Top 3 Forex Trading Robots  -  Best Automatic Forex Robots!
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The newly updated FAP Turbo is the best Forex
Robot we have ever come across. It's consistently profitable, and this is the one you need in your trading toolbox...[READ MORE]



Before FAP Turbo was updated, FOREX Megadroid
held top spot. Today it has been dethroned, but it is still highly recommended. If you were to buy a second auto trader.... [READ MORE]



Right up there with Forex Megadroid we have
Forex Autopilot. This one takes third place, but in past tests has performed as well as the Megadroid, as the lowest priced trade you can't....  [READ MORE]


Update: FAP Turbo's has already increased in price once since it was released. It is currently being offered at 50% of it's regular price, but we were told this offer won't last. If you've been looking for the best Forex Robot, Do Not Wait!

Our Reviews - Forex Trading Robots

 FAP Turbo


RATING:   Buy Fap Turbo

Fap Turbo Includes...
1. 1 FAP Trading License
2. Member-Only Access
3. Complete Instructions
4. Free Video Tutorials
5. 24/7 Support

60 Day Guarantee


$399.00 Per License
On Sale for $149.00
Limited Time Offer!



The Updated FAP Turbo has finally arrived! Many waited for it, and now thanks to Steve Carletti, and his team it's here.  Better yet, it turned out to be more than any of us expected it to be!

This one is the ultimate trading robot, it consistently makes profitable trades, and is capable of running in different modes to satisfy even the most reserved traders. We don't suggest the conservative mode however, it's the aggressive mode that Steve Carletti spent nine (sleepless) weeks working hard to improve before they released the robot... Read the FAP Turbo Story Here...

FAP TURBO has even dethroned our top two Forex Robots for the past 6 months running!

It left Forex Megadroid and Forex Autopilot behind in just 5 trades. If you ever only run one Forex Account, with one trading robot, this is the one you need. Faps Turbo will make you money while you sleep, in fast-moving markets where most would be scared to trade, and even while your out mowing the lawn or playing in the yard with the kids. 

With FAP Turbo it doesn't matter if you're a new or intermediate trader. It comes with complete instructions and video tutorials that walk you through everything from how to start your first Forex account to getting FAP hard at work for you.

If you ever have trouble you can always login with your VIP access to the members-only area. In the Members area you can get help from other FAP users or grab the number and call them. You FAP Turbo purchase comes with 24/7 phone support!

With this one, you don't even need to take our word for it. FAP comes with a complete 60 day "no questions asked" money-back guarantee. If that doesn't tell you they have confidence in their product, then I don't know what would Learn More and Start Making Money on Autopilot...

Get FAP Turbo Now...


 Forex Megadroid

 Buy Forex Autopilot

1. Forex Megadroid Software
2. Step-by-Step Training
3. Premier VIP Access
5. Online Support

8 Week Guarantee

 $997.00 Per License
On Sale for $197.00

#2 -  FOREX Megadroid

Forex Megadroid is one of the biggest money-making Forex robots that we have ever seen. If you follow our site updates, then you'll remember that this was the first Forex Robot we've ever seen make 42 profitable trades in a row! 

This month it's been dethroned but it is still work having in your Forex toolbox. With your Forex Megadroid purchase you get a license to their award winning trading robot, step by step instructions on how to use everything, and you get VIP access with complete support.

The trading robot itself will consistently deliver results that will keep you earning money.  Since the robot uses slightly different trading signals than FAP Turbo, it won't make you quite as much money as our new top product. Having said that, for that same reason, it is worth keeping a copy of this one as well. With a slightly different system it will make you money at different times, and ensure those auto-profits keep rolling in.

The Megadroid gives you a complete money-making system that removes the guesswork from your trading. And, just like FAP Turbo, it's guaranteed. Once you've learned the ropes and you have some money rolling in with FAP Turbo, we do recommend you add a second robot to your trading arsenal. This one or the next one on our list will get you making money today!

Start making money today, step by step training is included - Learn more now...

Visit Forex Megadroid's Site...


 Forex Autopilot

RATING: Forex Killer Rating

1. Autopilot Software License
2. Members Area Access
3. Step-by-Step Instructions
5. LIVE Phone Support

60 Day Guarantee


$397.00 Per License
On Sale for $99.50


#3  - Forex Autopilot

Forex Autopilot, design by Marcus Leary, was the long-reigning king of auto-trading. It isn't in top stop anymore, but it is still one trading robot worth owning. Forex Autopilot will consistently grow your trading account, and it will do so with little to no monitoring from you!

Forex Autopilot is a great trading robot that has been improved upon over the past couple of years. With it's profitable track record, it would be difficult to find a top-robots list that didn't include this one.

Autopilot is simple enough for even the newest trader to get started quickly. And yet, it's powerful enough to satisfy even the most advanced traded.  

For those among us who make trading their full time work-from-home career, this one should be in your  trading tools. Even if you just used it for trading signals for the account you trade yourself, the no-human-error factor will help you stay ahead of the game. 

Forex Autopilot comes with live phone support, and 24/7 access to the members only area. With it's $99 sale price, this one can be a great choice as your first robot or your third.

Before there there was FAP Turbo, or Forex Megadroid, there was Forex Autopilot. This month it keeps in the top three with a third place win, and we still highly recommend Forex Autopilot. 

This is the Lowest price that Forex Autopilot has ever been listed for.   Anyone looking for an inexpensive, yet highly profitable, trading robot should take advantage of this offer. More info... 

Visit Forex Autopilots's Site...

We are always updating our Forex Robot reviews and recommendations, be sure to bookmark this site so that you always have the latest info. Check back each month to see which one beats out FAP Turbo. We've been doing this for a while now and we think FAP Turbo will be hard to beat... 

Note: FAP Turbo was selling for $99 when it was first released.  They then raised the price to $149 We are not sure when... but they will be raising the price back to $399 after they have sold a certain number of FAP Turbo's copies.  Secure your copy of FAP TURBO today for the Discounted Price.  With it's money-back guarantee you have 8 full weeks to evaluate the software, it's a no-risk buy, and it's a no brainer.... 




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