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"Are you thinking about using a debt relief company, but not sure how to find a company that is reputable, honest, trustworthy, will save you money and won't rip you off?"

There are more people than ever turning to debt relief companies today as a result of economic challenges. From debt consolidation to debt settlement, these companies offer a solution to put peace of mind back into your household's finances. With so many companies advertising on the internet, radio and TV, I want to shed some light on what is and what is not possible with debt relief.

First, it is NOT possible to save money on all types of debts. Debt relief programs work best on credit card bills and unsecured loans. If you have car loans or home loans, these should not be included in a debt relief program.

Second, it is NOT for everyone. If you have less than $5,000 in debt, it really doesn't make sense.

Third, you may only save 50-60% depending on the types of creditors you have, how delinquent the debts are, what state you live in, what type of purchases the debts were for, and your current financial situation. Yet, with that said, I've had reports from USA and Canada of savings as much as 89% on credit card debts. You will still have to pay something to the creditors, but your bill would likely be cut in half to one third of what it is right now.

Fourth, in my review of some of the debt settlement companies recommended by non-experts, some actually caused people worse financial hardship and forced them to file bankruptcy, which is the worst possible mark for a person's credit standing.

I evaluated 17 of the top debt relief companies based on the following criteria:

  • Reputable and organized staff.
  • Written guarantee for overall savings.
  • Affordable for the average person.
  • Secure website.
  • Large amount of savings.
  • Work with 99% of creditors, and especially the tougher creditors like Citibank.
  • Has successfully reduced millions of dollars of consumer and small business debt.
  • Fastest completion times.
  • Helps protect your credit standing.
  • Member of the Chamber of Commerce in good standing.
  • Member of TASC - The Association Of Settlement Companies.
  • Member of IAPDA - International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators.
  • Customer satisfaction response times.
  • You get to speak with your debt negotiator whenever you want.
  • Flexible program based on what you have available on a monthly basis.

Below, I give you my recommendation on debt relief companie that I have tested based on all of the criteria above.

Knowledge is power, and even if you are not an expert in debt relief, I believe you can save money!

As soon as you get started with saving money with CaraDebt

I congratulate you because each person who takes charge of their debts is contributing to building a better America.


Rating 9.9/10

#1 Rated Debt Relief Company In 2012

The team that founded CuraDebt began in 1996 providing debt settlement services on behalf of individuals and small businesses. In 2000, the company started providing debt relief services nationwide.

CuraDebt is a member in good standing of TASC, the largest and oldest association of debt settlement companies, they have the highest rating for debt relief companies by the Consumer watchdog.

We recommend that you ask any company that you are considering working with if they are members of the Online Business Bureau, just like CuraDebt.

CuraDebt saves you the most money for a variety of reasons. First, their negotiators have built up contacts with creditors over the years and settle in bulk instead of just one account at a time. For example, instead of just settling your debt of $10,000, they may be settling $250,000 of debts with the same creditor. This gives them a much greater ability to negotiate the greatest savings for you. In addition, CuraDebt is commission based, which means that it is in their best interest to get you the greatest savings.

You get to speak with your negotiator who has all the details on your accounts and works with you based on what you have available on a monthly basis or as a lump sum. The company also works with businesses through its Commercial Debt Counseling division.

You can browse through their website to read numerous testimonials as well as debt settlement letters from credit card companies showing savings from 50 to 89%.

You can get a free confidential consultation when you visit their website and submit your information. Your questions regarding debt consolidation or debt settlement can be answered by CuraDebt's patient, caring, and knowledgeable counselors.

2009 Update: there is now a 15% discount running on the site (speak or email a counselor after submitting your information for a free evaluation). This discount may not be available soon.

In Summary: Greatest savings, quick and easy to get started, honest counselors, excellent reputation, and average savings of 50 to 80%- my #1 pick.

Rating 9.0/10


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2. Debt Consolidation Care

Debt Consolidation Care can provide you information on debt settlement as well as debt consolidation. Debt consolidation is joining all of your debts into one payment with potentially lower interest rates. Debt settlement is where the debts are negotiated to pay back less than the balance in full.

The company has a good level of customer service and satisfied clients.

I've been asked that with all these benefits, why only a rating of 9.0 out of 10. Well, the answer is that I found their program to be more expensive and it is much better to go with the top pick.

Debt Relief Services and Solutions - Learn The Options

Debt Settlement With this approach, negotiations are made with a credit card company in efforts to reduce the total amount of debt owed. With this forceful method of credit card debt relief there are many important advantages. Many consumers are able to significantly lower the total amount owed while paying off debt in 12-36 months. Making only minimum payments is not an effective way to get rid of large amounts of debt. Debt settlement clients notice a drastic reduction in their monthly payments as compared to monthly payments made to creditors. Debt settlement is a superb debt relief option for consumers who have unsecured debt of $10,000 or more, struggle to meet the minimum monthly payment, or are already behind on payments.

Debt Consolidation ProgramDebt consolidation can be thought of as ‘many for one.’ This means that a consumer takes out one loan in order to pay off several debts. Reasons for choosing this option include securing a lower or fixed interest rate, or to make one convenient monthly payment rather than many. However, this monthly payment occurs over a longer period of time. The decision to consolidate must be weighed very carefully, as a consolidation program can severely limit the ability of a debtor to eliminate debts in bankruptcy. Further, due to the theoretical advantage that debt consolidation offers a debtor with high interest balances, companies will often charge very high fees for the debt consolidation loan. Another detrimental aside is that some companies will actually wait until a client has painted themselves into a corner and must refinance in order to consolidate and pay off debt.

Credit Counseling This involves actually working with credit card companies in order to lower the amount of interest charged. Consumer credit counseling usually allows a debtor to eradicate debt in around 4-5 years while saving some money from the original interest charged. The dark side of this debt relief option is that many of these companies are actually set up by the credit card companies with the goal of collecting as much of the original debt as they can. Their traditional non-profit status is generally a distraction, as all their profit after operation expenses goes straight back into the credit card companies’ pockets. Another drawback is that any assistance from these companies shows up on your credit report as TPA (third party assistance), which can be just as detrimental to your credit score and rating as a bankruptcy!

free consultation

Consolidating Debt With a Balance Transfer

People in debt often consider a credit card balance transfer as a method of debt consolidation. Through a balance transfer, you move one or more credit card balances to another credit card, usually with a lower interest rate.
The good thing about a balance transfer is that the lower interest rate removes expensive finance charges from your balance, making it easier to repay.
But, are balance transfers worth it?
If you’re considering balance transfer as a solution for your debt,
then you should do it while your credit is still in good shape.
Waiting until you can no longer afford to make your payments may be too late.
Qualifying for a good balance transfer interest rate requires you to have a good credit rating.
Credit card issuers usually only give those long 0% introductory rates to borrowers who have excellent credit. This typically means you can’t have missed a payment on your debt.
If you’re already behind, there’s a chance you won’t qualify for a good balance transfer deal.

The other thing you usually need for a balance transfer to be successful is a credit limit big enough to handle your debt. If you don’t have enough credit, you’ll probably only be able to transfer some of your debt and the rest will have to remain where they are. You could still make this work, though, by transferring the debt with the highest interest rate, even if it’s just a portion of the balance. Or, you could try qualifying for more than one balance transfer credit cards.

You should be disciplined about not creating new debt when you consolidate your debts with a balance transfer. Once you move your balances to a new credit card, your credit limits will open back up. Many people will use that opportunity to create more debt, a move that will likely hurt you in the long run. Another credit card balance would mean you’ll have another payment to make and would probably make it harder to pay off your balance transfer before the intro rate expires.

I hope to have helped you with our research to come an informed decision on which debt relief company best suits your needs. Debt relief with debt settlement is the solution on saving money on your credit card debts and paying back an agreed amount based on what you can afford.


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Where from here? I recommend CuraDebt:
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